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Early Records of Georgia

Volume 1, Wilkes County

abstracted and compiled by Grace Gillam Davidson,

published in 1933 at Macon, GA

 Submitted by Christina Palmer

Thank you to Donna & CJ Crawford & Jennifer Reddish for your transcription assistance.


Deed Book "B B" 1787-1789
Index Repaged—Index no Good


  Page 1—McCALL, THOMAS to John Talbot 200 acres on South Fork creek a north branch of the river, orig. grant 1786 to said McCall. Mar. 10, 1787. John King, J. P.  
  Page 2—CANDLER, HENRY, Admr. of Wm. Candler, dec'd. of Richmond Co. to Richard Harvie of Va., 300 acres on the south side of Broad river adj. Geo. Matthews and John Moore. Act. 3, 1787. Thos. Napier, J. P., John Moore, Test.  
  Page 3 & 4—Torn and not legible.  

Page 252

  Page 5—COMMISSIONERS of Confiscated Estates, to Elijah Clarke 700 acres on Long creek, property of Andrew Robertson. Feb. 16, 1784.  
   Page 6—WILLIAMS, JOSEPH and wife Frankey to Anthony Ivey 225 acres on Sherrells creek. Feb. 2, 1785. John Williams, Geo. Sorrell, Test.  
  Page 10—OWENS, THOMAS to John Tatom, planters, 200 acres on Pistol creek. Mar. 17, 1785. Z. Lamar, Abner Tatom, Test.  
  Page 11—COHOON, GEORGE to Samuel Gilmore 10 acres on Clarks Fork of Long creek called the Wid. Folks Branch, adj. Travis McKinney and includes all the land that Samuel Gilmores mill pond covers. Dec. 19, 1785. Stephen Heard, Adam Willie, Test.  
  Page 13—YOUNG, WILLIAM and wife Fanney to Robt. Harper 200 acres on Hardins creek. July 10, 1787. Thos. Stonly, Nancy Harvill, Test.  
  Page 14—WILLIAMS, JOSEPH and wife Frankey to Chas. Ivey 230 acres on Little river. July 4, 1787.  
  Page 15—SAILORS, ELIZABETH to Wm. Patten 47 acres on south side of Broad river, part of orig. grant to said Elizabeth. Aug. 21, 1789. Thos. B. Scott, J. P.  
  Page 16—ROSS, JOHN of Rowan Co. N. C. to Wm. Patten of Burke Co. N. C., all the land in Wilkes Co. Ga., granted said John Ross by the State of Ga. 1786. Feb. 29, 1788. James Patten, Test.  
  Page 18—WOODS, ANDREW to Wm. Patten both of Burke Co. N. C., land on the south side of Broad river, orig. grant to Elizabeth Sailors and conveyed by her to said Woods. Feb. 29, 1788. James Patten, Samuel Woods, Test.  
  Page 19—GREGG, THOMAS to James Freeman 100 acres on Pickens creek, adj. Joel Doss, orig. grant to said Gregg. Dec. 28, 1787. Edward McGarry, Ezekiah Bailey, John Cunningham, J. P., Test.  
  Page 20—DOSS, JOEL to James Freeman 300 acres on Savannah river part of a 600 acre tract granted said Doss. Dec. 27, 1787. Edward McGarry, Ezekiah Bailey, John Cunningham, J. P., Test.  
  Page 21—BUSH, JOHN to Geo. Ivey of Franklin Co. N. C., 287 1/2 acres in that part of Washington Co. called Greene, on Rocky Fork of Shoulderbone creek. Jan. 25, 1788. Isham Alford, Anthony Ivey, Test.  
  Page 23—COOK, DRURY to John Langdon 250 acres on Little river, adj. Zachariah Phillips and John Quern. Jan. 18, 1788. Jos. Martin, Joel Micou, Chas. Dean, Jr., Test.  
  Page 24—CUNNINGHAM, WILLIAM to James Craig a tract granted  

Page 253

  said Wm. 1787 adj. Wm. Phillips, Gen'l. Pickens and James Yarborough. May 27, 1788. John Moore, J. P.  
  Page 26—McCLENDON, ISAAC and wife Elizabeth to Alex. Moss 400 acres adj. said Isaac's and Jacob McClendon's land. June 3, 1788. John Westbrook, Jonathon Goldsbrough, Joel McClendon, Test.  
  Page 28—LIPHAM, AARON to James Huling 300 acres part of a tract of 700 acres sold by power of attorney to said Aaron from Joseph Griffin late of S. C. Feb. 7, 1790.  
  Page 29—SPURLING, JEREMIAH and wife Drusilla to Jos. Miller 100 acres "on Ogeechee waters". Oct. 18, 1787. John Talliaferro, Ezekiel and Jesse Miller, Test.  
  Page 30—TAYLOR, SARAH to Jesse Miller 100 acres on Middle creek. Oct. 23, 1787. L. and Byrd Pruitt, Jos. Miller, Test.  
  Page 32—BOWLS, WILLIAM and wife Salley of Wilkes Co., to Thos. Daniel of Greene Co., 200 acres on Little river, orig. grant 1786 to said Bowls. Nov. 28, 1789. Jos. Williams, Michael Whatley, Test.  
  Page 33—WILBORN, JOSHUA and wife Elizabeth to Chas. Ray 50 acres on Long creek orig. grant 1787 to said Wilborn. Aug. 9, 1788. Jos. Albert, Thos. Welborn, Test.  
  Page 35—COLE, JOHN, Jr., to Reuben Bennett 450 acres on Kettle creek adj. John Leftwich. Sept. 19, 1789. Edward Gresham, Josiah Hatcher, Test.  
  Page 36—SMITH, FRANCIS to Hickerson Cosby 100 acres on Rocky creek adj. Geo. Gresham, John Combs and Richard Revier, orig. grant 1784 to Samuel Smith. Apr. 2, 1788.  
  Page 41—BROWN, THOMAS and wife Betty to James Gresham 350 acres on Kettle creek as appears by a plat of the same annexed to a grant signed by John Houston, Gov., Feb. 13, 1784. Mar. 17, 1790. Thomas Gresham, John Wyatt, Test.  
  Page 43—BARKSDALE, STITH to Wm. Smith a brown horse, purchased of Samuel Hunter. Aug. 12, 1790. Wm. Elliott, Frederick Sims, J. P., Test.  
  Page 44—CLOUD, JEREMIAH and wife Sarah to John Pope 200 acres on Beaverdam creek orig. grant 1785. Oct. 27, 1789. James Cowden, Thos. Wootten, J. P., Test.  
  Page 45—HUNT, RICHARDSON to Nathan Bonds 250 acres on Beaverdam creek orig. grant to said Hunt 1787. July 31, 1790. R. Banks, J. P.  
  Page 46—LAMAR, ZACHARIAH and wife Sarah to John Smith 200 acres  

Page 254

  on Marsh creek orig. grant to Avington McIlroy. Dec. 20, 1789. Dread Thornton, Matthew Sparks, Test.  
   Page 47—PEARRE, NATHANIEL of Richmond Co., to John Richardson of Wilkes Co., 600 acres on Spring branch running into Newford creek. Jan. 16, 1790. Benj. Banton, Theodrick Stibblefield, Test.  
  Page 49—GRIMES, JOHN to his children Thos. Wingfield Grimes. John Grimes, Sterling Grimes, Wm. Garland Grimes, and Lucy Grimes, certain slaves. Deed of gift. Oct. 2, 1789. Frederick Sims, James Nelson, Test.  
  Page 50—McKINNEY, LITTLEBERRY, binds himself to Howell Jarrett for ten years. Feb. 15, 1790. N. H. Churchill, Richard Worsham, J. P., Test.  
  Page 50—HARRIS, BUCKNER and wife Nancy (or Anne) to Wm. Davis 70 acres on Long creek. Aug. 3, 1789. R. DeJernett, S. Harris, J. P., Test.  
  Page 52—JOSSEY, HENRY and wife Mary to Lenyard Phillips 200 acres on both sides of Hattons Fork. Aug. 27, 1789. Benj. Blake, J. P.  
  Page 53—HANNA, JOHN and wife Mary to John Hood 244 acres on Echols creek adj. Ebednego Moore and Jacob Miller. Dec. 29, 1788. Willis Milner, Malachi Reeves, Test.  
  Page 54—HEARD, STEPHEN and wife Elizabeth of Wilkes Co., to Josseph Anthony of Richmond Co., Inspector, 500 acres on Fishing creek, being part of the land on which said Heard lives. July 10, 1789. Micajah Anthony, Drury Williams, Jos. Blakey, Test.  
  Page 56—HUNT, HENRY of Richmond Co., having obtained permission of the Gov. to go to Ireland on business gives power of attorney to son Fitz Maurice Hunt to attend to all business in Ga. Mar. 14, 1780. Prov. July 23, 1790. John Hill, Samuel Cresswell, Test.  
  Page 56—FREEMAN, HOLMAN to John Freeman 500 acres on Broad river. Nov. 7, 1789. Thos. C. Russell, J. P., Thos. Wooten, J. P., Test.  
  Page 58—TUCKER, THOMAS and wife Elizabeth to Casey Askew 200 acres according to orig. grant 1785 to said Tucker. Oct. 28, 1788. Rhoda A. Puckett, Wm. Sheppard Foster, Test.  
  Page 59—CLOUD, JOHN and wife Elizabeth to John Pope 385 acres on Long creek. Oct. 27, 1789.  
  Page 60—MOSS, ALEX., to Robt. Hammock a slave Dolly. Bill of sale. June 10, 1788. Absolom Jackson, Nathaniel Coats, Test.  
   Page 61—BARNETT, WILLIAM and wife Mary to Thos. Gilmer 550 acres  

Page 254

  on south side of Broad river. May 20, 1789. Thos Meriwether, Nathaniel Barnett, Test.  
  Page 62—SHERILL, JANE to Benj. Porter both of Richmond Co., 400 acres on Sherrills creek Wilkes Co., the place whereon Wm. Sherrill formerly lived and given to her by his last will, and absolutely vested in her by the last Assembly Feb. 24, 1784., adj. Jos. Williams. Sept. 10, 1788. Charity Perkins, Wm. Irons, Agnes Irons, Test.  
  Page 65—OGDEN, AMOS of Md., to David Robertson, mortgage, 300 acres of land which was conveyed to me by Fitz Maurice Hunt. Mar. 15, 1786. Jonathan Embre, Test.  
  Page 66—TERONDET, DANIEL and wife Nancy of Washington to Phillip Moses of Savannah, merchant, 600 acres orig. grant to said Daniel 1786. June 10, 1788. Godfrey Zimmerman, David Hillhouse, J. P., Test.  
   Page 75—TERONDET, DANIEL and wife Nancy of Washington to Phillip Moses of Savannah, merchant, 575 acres in Franklin Co., orig. grant 1786 to said Daniel. June 10, 1788. Same test as above.  
  Page 78—ZIMMERMAN, GODFREY, merchant of Augusta to Phillip Moses, merchant of Savannah, 300 acres in Wilkes Co., orig. grant 1786 to said Godfrey. June 27, 1789. Mordecai Sheftall, Coshman Polack, Test.  
   Page 80—TERRELL, WILLIAM'S oath that Andrew Atkinson owes him a debt and has left the state. Asks to levy on his estate. To John Clark, Sheriff. Sworn to before E. Butler, J. P.  

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