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Early Records of Georgia

Volume 1, Wilkes County

abstracted and compiled by Grace Gillam Davidson,

published in 1933 at Macon, GA

 Submitted by Christina Palmer

Thank you to Donna & CJ Crawford & Jennifer Reddish for your transcription assistance.


Deed Book "D D", 1788-1789

  Page 117—ANSLEY, THOS. farmer, to sister Mary Morris wid. and her daus. Zilpha, Mary and Lydia Morris 81 1/2 acres on the headwaters of Mill creek adj. James Gilmore, part of a tract of 287 1/2 acres granted Jan. 19, 1785. July 12, 1788. Abel and Thos. Ansley, John Torrence, J. P., Test.  
  Page 118—ASHFIELD, DOROTHY, to James Alford, both of Greene Co., 200 acres on the ridge between Briar and Reedy creeks, orig. grant 1786. Oct. 2, 1786. Aron Rogers, Patty Alford, Test.  
  Page 145—ASHLEY, JOHN, Sr., and wife Sarah Whitmell Ashley and John Ashley, Jr., to Stephen Johnson, 200 acres on Clarks Fork of Long creek. Jan. 13, 1786. J. George, Thos. Johnson, Test.  
  Page 194—ALEXANDER, SAMUEL. to Aaron Greer, 200 acres on Williams creek, orig. grant to Alexander from Gov. Elbert. Jan. 20, 1786. James Lamar, Jr., Michael Vanwinkle, Test.  
  Page 201—ADAMS, JAMES of Greene Co. Ga., to Wm. Greaves of said state, merchant, transfers a judgment obtained in Wilkes Co. court 1785 against Robt. Singleton, Barton Hannon and Micajah Williamson. Dec. 3, 1786.  
  Page 231—ANDERSON, JORDAN to Hugh Jones 200 acres on Little river. Oct. 9, 1787. Wm. Glass, Matthew Goodwin, Test.  
  Page 3—BAGBY, GEORGE and wife Miriam of Greene Co. to Wm. Terrell of Wilkes Co. 400 acres on Beaverdam creek, orig. grant 1785 to said Bagby. Mar. 23, 1787. Disey Bagby, Test.  
  Page 30—BURK, CHARLES to friend John Curtis, all that tract of land on Sherrills creek whereon said Curtis lives. Deed of gift. Aug. 20, 1787. Wm. Greer, James Houghton, Test.  
  Page 35—BLACK, JOHN, to Frances Hawkins, bond to obtain a grant for 200 acres on Little river in about three miles of Dennis on the road that leads to the mills. Nov. 1, 1785. Isaac Williams, John Jones, Test. On July 5, 1785 Frances transfers this bond to Morrice Cain, no consideration mentioned.  
  Page 42—BUTLER, FORD and wife Batty to John Thurmand, 287 1/2 acres on Big Shoal creek, Franklin Co. orig. grant 1787 to said Butler. Jan. 7, 1788. Richard Woodroof, Archer Leyne, Thos. Wootten, J. P., Test.  
  Page 83—BOWERS, CHARITY to Solomon Ellis, 150 acres all sides vacant when surveyed. Apr. 20, 1787. Thos. Penn, Test.  
  Page 89—BELL, JOSEPH of Chatham Co. N. C., to James Bell of Wilkes  

Page 268

  Co. 200 acres on Waughatchee creek surveyed for said Jos. Bell by Basil Lamar, adj. said James Bell, James Butler, John Decker and Clement Wilkins. Feb. 2, 1788. Thos. Bell, Isaac Atwood, Test.  
  Page 97—BULLOCH, NATHANIEL and wife Mary to Alex. Gordon, all of Wilkes Co., 400 acres on Kettle creek, the waters of Little river, adj. John Conner and Joel Phillips, orig. grant 1784 to said Bulloch. Aug. 21, 1787 ——- Bulloch, Test.  
  Page 102—BALDWIN, WILLIAM and wife Elizabeth to Job Callaway, Sr., 400 acres adj. said Job. Oct. 9, 1787. David McMurray, Mary Reisher, Test.  
  Page 107—BENTLEY, JESSE and wife Mary to James Green 100 acres on the south bank of South Fork of Little river just above said Bentley's mill seat. July 16, 1787. A. Bedell, A. J., Test.  
  Page 120—BALL, ISAAC and wife Jane to Littleberry Crews, 400 acres adj. McCullar's land on the N. E., other sides vacant, orig. grant 1788 to said Ball. Sept. 20, 1788. Robt. Ashtry, John Torrence, J. P., Test.  
  Page 131—BUCKHALTER, JOSHUA to Robt. Barton, 287 1/2 acres on Ogeechee river, Washington Co., orig. grant 1784 to said Buckhalter. May 19, 1788. David Neal, James McCormick, J. P., Test.  
  Page 136—BALDWIN, MORDECAI and wife Sally, to Isaiah Scudder, 100 acres on Fishing creek. Jan. 24, 1788. Sanders Walker, Stephen Clement, Wm. Baldwin, Test.  
  Page 137—BRIGGS, ISAAC to Edward Oxford 350 acres. Sept. 4, 1788. Wm. Stark, Wm. Poe, Test.  
  Page 155—BRASWELL, BYRD of Richmond Co., to Wm. W. Nunnelee of Wilkes Co., 400 acres on Beaverdam creek orig. grant 1785 to said Braswell. July 1, 1787. Warren Philpot, John Bryan, Test.  
  Page 158—BAKER, SAMUEL and wife Mary to Moses Hunt, 150 acres on Coldwater creek. Aug. 16, 1787. Hugh McDonald, Richard Richardson, Test.  
  Page 174—BANKSTON, DANIEL and wife Rachel of Washington Co. to Chas. McKinney of Wilkes Co., 200 acres on Long creek, orig. grant 1787 to said Daniel. June 16, 1788. David Kerr. Ezekiel Campbell, Joseph Moon, Test.  
  Page 178—BEALL, ARCHIBALD of Richmond Co. to John Cunningham and Hugh McDonald "of the other part", 100 acres in Wilkes Co. bounded all sides vacant when surveyed. Mar. 5, 1787. T. McCall, Caleb Howell, J. P., Test.  

Page 269

  Page 185—BLANTON, CHRISTOPHER and wife Patsy to Hezekiah Bussey, 200 acres adj. said Bussey, orig. grant 1784 to said Blanton. Nov. 20, 1787.  
  Page 189—BEDELL, ABSOLOM and John Nelson arbitrators between John Cole and John Hindley decide that John Cole relinquish his claim to 400 acres adj. Jacob Hindley and Robt. Day. July 25, 1789. Reuben Bennett, Test.  
  Page 214—BARRETT, LEWIS and wife Jane, "for the love they have for their children" do grant unto John Crutchfield, 300 acres whereon said Lewis Barrett and wife Jean live, with slaves, household goods etc, to be used for the maintenance of children of the Barretts, and at majority or marriage be divided amongst them. John Crutchfield seems to be only the trustee. (poorly worded). Oct. 26, 1789. Isham Richardson, Test.  
  Page 217—BUNKLEY, MARY now of Wilkes Co., but late of Charlotte Co. Va., wid. of Joshua Bunkley, for love etc of son-in-law James Lucas and son Jesse Bunkley, eight slaves, after her death. Nov. 4, 1789. Benj. Thompson, Israel Burnley, Andrew Frazer, Test.  
  Page 220—BAUHANNAN, JOHN and wife Anne to Thos. Stark, 600 acres on Little river. Jan. 1, 1789. Josiah Cole, J. P., Signed John Bohannan, Anne X Bouchannan.  
  Page 224—BUFORD, JAMES of Bedford Co. Va. to Thos. Stark of Wilkes Co., 200 acres on Shoulderbone creek agreeable to a grant 1784 to said Buford. May 16, 1789. Barnard Kelly, Bedford Brown, Test.  
  Page 18—CALL, RICHARD and wife Alethia Anderson, at present of Augusta to Thos. Goodwin of Wilkes Co., 400 acres on Fishing creek. Feb. 4, 1788.  
  Page 19—CUNNINGHAM, JAMES of Abbeville Co. S. C. to dau. Jean Carson, else Jean Cunningham, cattle, horses and household goods. Deed of gift. June 30, 1787. Moses Fleming, Test.  
  Page 44—CALL, RICHARD and wife Alethia Anderson of Richmond Co. "to John Brickell, practioner of physic, of the other part" land on Little river, Wilkes Co. adj. Dr. Creswell, Walton Harris etc. Oct. 10, 1787. Thos. Washington, Alex. Daniel Cuthbert of Liberty Co., Test.  
  Page 61—CARTER, JOHN, gent, to Alex Brown a slave boy Frank. Bill of sale. Apr. 7, 1786. John King, A. J., John Carter, Test.  
  Page 47—COMMISSIONERS of Confiscated Estates, to John Davidson of Savannah, merchant, 3500 acres on Rocky creek, conveyed by Benj. Thompson to Wm. Manson, and 150 acres on Palmetto branch, orig. run by Lewis Meitteir and sold as property of John Proctor, and 500  

Page 270

  acres known as Green's Island in Chatham Co., sold as property of Philip Delegall. June 10, 1784. Edward Davies, Joseph Welsher, Atty at law of Savannah, Test.  
  Page 62—CRESWELL, DAVID and wife Phebe, of Wilkes Co. to William Swift of 96 Dist. S. C., 756 acres on Rocky Comfort creek. Feb. 24, 1787. Thos. Talbot, James Creswell, John Talbot, A. J.,Test.  
  Page 67—CUMMINS, ALEX, and wife Elizabeth to Thos. Murray land on Little river agreeable to orig. grant 1786 to said Cummins. Apr. 14, 1787. D. Creswell, Test.  
  Page 73—COWEN, JAMES and wife Rachel to Mark Phillips 200 acres according to orig. grant 1786 to said Cowen. —— 4, 1787. Hugh and Elenor Ector, Thos. Glass, Test.  
  Page 75—COWDEN, ROBERT to John Robinson, 200 acres adj. Miles Duncan. Aug. 28, 1786. Thos. Robertson, John Losson, Test.  
  Page 96—CLEMENT, STEPHEN and wife Sarah to John Ray, 112 1/2 acres on Fishing creek, five acres reserved for the meeting house spring, to Sanders Walker as long as it shall be used as such. June 2, 1786. John Brown, Thos. Rain, Jesse Heard, J. P., Test.  
  Page 112—CRESWELL, SAMUEL to Buckner Harris, 800 acres on Long and Kettle creeks. Dec. 7, 1787. J. L. Dixon, John Clark, Test.  
  Page 144—CHAPPELL, JOHN and wife Sarah of Wilkes Co., to Christopher Pritchett of Halifax Co. N. C., 200 acres on Long creek. Feb. 23, 1786. John Brown, Thos. Rain, Jesse Heard, J. P., Test.  
  Page 149—CARSON, JOSEPH and wife Jane to Wm. Green, 430 acres, part of orig. grant 1785 to said Carson. Jan. 16, 1789. M. Anthony, Martin Dye, John Johnson, Test.  
  Page 201—CHAMBERS, ELIZABETH, sole Excx. of Wm. Wilkins of Richmond Co., to Wm. Greaves, merchant, power of attorney to collect a judgment vs Geo. Walton of Wilkes Co. Nov. 1784. Nov. 8, 1786. Seaborn Jones, Test.  
  Page 203—COMMISSIONERS of town of Washington, Geo. Matthews, Andrew Burnes, Micajah Williamson and Francis Willis, to James Williams Atty. at law, Lot No. 4, containing one acre. Feb. 16, 1788. Chas. Williamson, F. Sims, Test.  
  Page 210—CALLAWAY, JOSEPH and wife Sabrinah, to John Abernethie, land on Clarks creek adj. Wid. Smith, John Pope, Godfrey Hartsfield, where they all now live. Nov. 6, 1788.  
  Page 226—CRESWELL, SAMUEL, to Micajah McGehee, 200 acres on Long and Big creeks. Nov. 26, 1788. Nathaniel Christmas, Test.  

Page 271

  Page 228—COLE, JOSIAH, to Robert Smith, 240 acres on Sills Fork.of Little river. Nov. 13, 1787, Absolom Bedell, Test.  
  Page 15—DARDEN, JOHN, to Noel Thornton, land on Rocky Comfort creek. Aug. 24, 1787. Thos. Johnson, Owen Thornton, Test.  
  Page 35—DAVIS, ABSOLOM, Sr., to Wiley Davis, Sr., a slave Antony. July 20, 1787. Thos. Wooldridge, Joseph T. Davis, Test.  
  Page 39—DUCKWORTH, JEREMIAH and wife Christian to James Carter, 200 acres, orig. grant to said Jeremiah 1784, and 200 acres which was conveyed to him by Margret Davison, orig. grant to her 1784 on Brier creek. Dec. 8, 1787. Peter Hodo, Jesse Carter, James McCormick, J. P., Test.  
  Page 52—DAVISON, JOHN, gent of Chatham Co., to John Cobb of Cumberland Co. Va., 3500 acres on Rocky creek, confiscated land of Wm. Manson. July 20, 1784. P. Clyma, John Shelman, Zack Cox, Test.  
  Page 99—DARDEN, GEORGE, Sr. and wife Martha to Joshua Callaway, 200 acres orig. grant 1786, on Long creek. Aug. 22, 1787. Thos. Johnson, J. Darden, John Callaway, Test.  
  Page 111—DANIEL, WILLIAM, yeoman, late of Wilkes Co. Ga., to John Callaway, 200 acres adj. Joseph Henderson, John King and said Callaway. Nov. 3, 1787. William Morgain, J. P.  
  Page 142—DUPIUS, JOSEPH, hatter and wife Sarah to Benj. Wilcher, 100 acres on Rocky Comfort creek orig. grant 1785 to said Joseph. Dec. 8, 1787. Wm. Dupius, James McCormack, Test.  
  Page 172—EADES, MARY, to Abel Pennington, 250 acres on Cedar creek, orig. grant 1785 to said Mary. Jan. 25, 1788. John Crosby, James Crow, Peter Oliver, Test.  
  Page 3—FOSTER, KIMME to Sheppard Foster, for a valuable consideration, two slaves, Peter and Abram. Dec. 22, 1787. Joseph Cook, Test.  
  Page 4—FREEMAN, WILLIAM of Richmond Co., to Dunkin Bohanon of Wilkes Co., 200 acres on both sides of Newford creek. Sept. 15, 1787. Holeman Freeman, Test.  
  Page 10—FRAZER, JOHN, to Dyar Frazer two slaves, Harry and Cato. Bill of sale. Nov. 4, 1781. Andrew Frazer, Test.  
  Page 59—FOSTER, WILLIAM and Susana Foster receipt to Mr. Kimme Foster for two slaves Abram and Cato, to disannul the bill of sale. Jan. 4, 1788. Joseph Cook, Hugh Jones, Test.  
  Page 104—FINLEY, THOMAS and wife Elizabeth to Job Callaway, Sr., 220 acres adj. said Callaway and Wm. Maxwell, orig. grant 1787 to said Finley. Nov. 5, 1787. John and Margaret Tanner, Test.  

Page 268

  Page 125—FRAZER, DYAR to Andrew Frazer power of attorney "in all cases whatever, whether I am absent or present". Oct. 9, 1787.  
  Page 132—FLETCHER, WILLIAM and wife Peggy to Matthew Organ, 470 acres on Whites creek. June 13, 1788. Chas. Cargile, Wm. Hammett, J. P., Test.  
  Page 168—FOSTER, WILLIAM and wife Phebe to Absalom Bedell. 276 acres on Beaverdam creek part of a 550 acre grant 1784 to said Foster. Apr. 9, 1788. Richmond Terrell, Test.  
  Page 200—FREEMAN, JOHN to Wm. Greaves judgment obtained 1786 against Geo. Walton. Jan. 16, 1787.  
  Page 212—FEW, IGNATIUS to John Oneal, Jr. both of Richmond Co., 200 acres on Ogeechee river in Wilkes Co. adj. Drury Rogers, and David Felps. June 9, 1785. Rene Napier, John Roussau, Test.  
  Page 91—GAINS, DANIEL of Wilkes Co., power of attorney to Wm. Goode to transact business in S. C., especially to collect a debt from Stephen Terry, dec'd. formerly of Craven Co. S. C., from Henry Gilbert, dec'd. formerly of Hanover Co. Va., but last of Amherst Co. Va., for whom I am acting Excr, a bond dated July 1773, a debt from Chas. Sanders, dec'd. late of S. C. of date of 1785 for taking into his possession a slave John who in the winter of 1784 was left in the care of Alex. Brownfield to be cured of frostbitten feet. July 17, 1788. John Crutchfield, J. P.  
  Page 25—GREGG, THOMAS, to Julian Nail, 200 acres on Cedar creek, part of a 400 acre grant to said Gregg. June 28, 1787. Ezekiel Bailey, Test.  
  Page 26—GREGG, THOMAS to Joseph Nail, rest of above tract, same date.  
  Page 71—GLASS, WILLIAM and wife Sarah to Jordan Anderson, 200 acres on ——- river being half of 400 acre tract divided between said Glass and Hugh Jones. Sept. 27, 1787. Wm. Elder, Isaac Hardee, Wm. Leveritt, Test.  
  Page 93—GORDON, ALEX. and wife Susanna to Joel Terrell, 350 acres on Kettle creek according to a grant 1785 to (torn) Apr. 11, 1788. David Terrell, John Gordon, Test.  
  Page 134—GREAVES, WILLIAM, to Enoch Stringfellow, 250 acres on Oconee river, orig. grant 1788 to Thos. Neel. Nov. 6, 1788. Richard Call, Test.  
  Page 139—GAMBILL, THOMAS and wife Susanna, of Greene Co., to John Parish of Wilkes Co., 240 acres on Long creek adj. John Edmondson and Henry Parks. Jan. 3, 1788.  

Page 273

  Page 169—GOOLSBY, BRIDGES (or Burgess?), of S. C., to James Goolsby of Wilkes Co., 200 acres on Marks (Macks?) creek whereon said James Goolsby now lives orig. grant to said Burgess. Aug. 10, 1788. Samuel and Josiah Parsons, Test.  
  Page 198—GARRETT, JOHN, merchant of Augusta to Leroy Hammond, merchant of S. C., a debt against Geo. Walton of Wilkes for which judgment was obtained Mar. 1785. Sept. 3, 1785. Seaborn Jones, Test.  
  Page 2—HUNT, RICHARDSON, to John Colly, 120 acres on Golden Grove creek. Feb. 26, 1787. John Carter, John Cooper, Abraham Durham, Test.  
  Page 9—HILLHOUSE, DAVID of Wilkes Co., to Joseph Sykes of Savannah, 7400 acres on Lightwood Log creek, orig. grant 1787. Feb. 12, 1788.  
  Page 26—HOLLODAY, MARGRET of Richmond Co., to Randall Ramsey, Sr., 350 acres on Little River orig. grant 1784 to said Margret. Dec. 1, 1784. Bennett McMillan, John Ramsey, Test.  
  Page 33—HEARD, CHARLES and wife Margit to Archibald Yarbrough, 400 acres on Fishing creek orig. grant 1784 to said Chas. Sept. 21, 1787.  
  Page 36—HARRIS, NATHANIEL power of attorney to friend Harrison Persons both of Warren Co. N. C., to attend to all business in any state. Mar. 10, 1787. Robt. Abercrombie, Test.  
  Page 38—HARRIS, BUCKNER and wife Anne, to Wm. Pearmon, 237 acres on Long creek. Dec. 14, 1787, B. Smith, Lawr Smith, Sampn Harris, J. P., Test.  
  Page 115—HOWARD, JULIUS and Susanna Howard and Wm. Moss, to William W. Nunnally, 500 acres on Beaverdam creek adj. Wm. Daniel, John Westbrook, Walker Richardson, Cutbird Hudson and Walter Nunnally. Feb. 1, 1787.  
  Page 141—HART, JAMES, to Wm. Streetman, 330 acres on western Long creek whereon said Streetman now lives. Sept, 12, 1787. Benj. Jordan, J. P.  
  Page 147—HAWKINS, NICHOLAS and Wm. Patrick and wife Lucy, to Alex. Hawkins, 380 acres on Long creek, orig. grant 1787 to said Hawkins and Patrick. Mar. 29, 1788. Jonathan Lane, Vines Collier, John Lumpkin, J. P., Test.  
  Page 152—HARPER, ROBERT and wife Mary of Wilkes Co. to Wm. Green of Warren Co. N. C., 300 acres. Apr. 4, 1785. Nat Christmas, So. Green, Anne Dunn, Test.  

Page 274

  Page 167—HOLMES, JOHN and wife Chloe, to Jeremiah Reeves, 312 acres on south side of Dry Fork of Beaverdam creek, orig. grant 1784 to said John. Jan. 10, 1787. Dickey Barkshin, Rebeccah Reeves, Test.  
  Page 176—HARRIS, BUCKNER and wife Ann to Geo. Willis, 190 acres on Long creek. Dec. 14, 1787.  
  Page 194—HERRING, DANIEL, to son Sanders Herring slaves Tom and Rachel, horses, etc. Deed of gift. Dec. 15, 1787. Jesse Kelley, David Watson, Test.  
  Page 196—HARRIS, ARCHELAUS, to John Talbot, horses, cattle, household goods, and all his right to the estate left to me and my wife by her mother Frances Smith of Hanover Co. Va., and now in the hands of Bartlett Smith of said county. July 3, 1788. Hickerson, Cosby, Price Bird, Test.  
  Page 208—HAMMETT, WILLIAM, to John B. Ruston, M. D., half of Lot No. 6 in town of Washington adj. Peter Stubblefield and said Riston, by Market St. on the south. July 29, 1789. Wm. Heron, Richard Williamson, Test.  
  Page 223—HUCKABY, WILLIAM of Wilkes Co., power of attorney to friend James Huckaby of Franklin Co. N. C., especially to recover and sell 200 acres of land to which I am heir at law. Nov. 13, 1789. John Talbot, Sr. & Jr., Matthew Talbot, Test.  
  Page 115—HOOPER, CHURCHELL and wife Mary, to John Fullilove, 200 acres on Pistol creek. Oct. ——-, 1787. James Giles, J. P., Robt. Wells, Test.  
  Page 20—JACKSON, ABSALOM, merchant and wife Pharabea, to Ann Wilkinson, wid., all of the town of Washington, Lot No. 22 in said town whereon Ann Wilkinson now resides. Nov. 12, 1787. Seaborn Jones, J. Pannill, J. P., Test.  
  Page 143—JOHNSON, NATHAN and wife Elizabeth, to Richard Banks, 250 acres on south fork of Indian creek. Feb. 6, 1789.  
  Page 199—JONES, SEABORN of Augusta, attorney for Col. LeRoy Hammond of 96 Dist. S. C., to Wm. Greaves, merchant, a judgment against Geo. Walton of Wilkes Co. Nov. 9, 1786.  
  Page 29—KARR, HENRY, to Henry Karr Smith, all that land on North Fork of Hardins creek, orig. grant to said Karr 1784, for $5.00. Aug. 12, 1786.  
  Page 175—KIDD, JAMES and wife Elizabeth of Richmond Co., to John White of Wilkes Co., 400 acres on Beaverdam creek. Nov. 13, 1787. Will Banks, Collin Campbell, Test.  

Page 275

  Page 1—LAYSON, WILLIAM, planter and wife Elizabeth, to Wm. Wilbourn, blacksmith, 250 acres orig. grant 1785 to said Layson. Nov. 1786.  
  Page 7—LAMAR, BASIL, to Charlot Nichols, land on Briar creek adj. Edward Hall, James May and Jeremiah Duckworth, for L5. Sept. 20, 1787. Wm. Davis, Geo. Nichols, Test.  
  Page 13—LAMAR, WILLIAM, to John Heard, son of Chas. 287 1/2 acres in Washington Co., as appears by a plat granted 1785. Oct. 1, 1787. Nathaniel Coats, Test.  
  Page 34—LANDERS, ABRAHAM and wife Martha of Greene Co. to Timothy McGuire of Wilkes Co. 250 acres adj.John Burk, orig. grant 1786 to said Landers. July 6, 1786. Thos. Carson, Thos. Bell, W. Porter, Test.  
  Page 76—LIFFLOWE or LIFFLOUR, ELLENOR and Burwell Richardson her son of Burke Co., to Abraham Bradley of Wilkes Co., 200 acres orig. grant 1786 to said Ellenor. Nov. 16, 1787. John Jones, A. J., Hudson and Samuel Whitaker, Test.  
  Page 94—LEGETT, ABNER to dau. Prudence Holland, horses, household furniture etc. Deed of gift. Apr. 26, 1788. Jeremiah Russell, Wm. Brewer, Test.  
  Page 154—LAMBERT, JAMES and wife Esther, to Joseph Henderson, Sr., one acre of land "including the creek" part of orig. grant 1784 to said Lambert. Mar. 9, 1788. John Callaway, Peter Arnold, Test.  
  Page 221—LINNIECOM, HEZEKIAH and wife Sarah, to Matthew McCravey, 179 acres on Long creek part of orig. grant 1784 to said Hezekiah. Dec. 1, 1788. Henry Townsend, Jona. McCravy, James Wadsworth, Test.  
  Page 225—LEVERETT, THOMAS, to Michael Whatley, 200 acres on south fork of ——- orig. grant 1784 to said Leverett. Dec. 7, 1788.  
  Page 11—McFARLAND, JOHN of Wilkes Co., to James McFarland of Richmond Co., "for divers good causes" 200 acres in Wilkes Co. where said John now lives and all the claim he has in 950 acres, granted said James in Wilkes Co. July 12, 1787. Thos. Travis, Thos. Kelsey, Test.  
  Page 23—MORGAIN, JOHN, to Richard Melear, bond to buy a grant of 200 acres on Long creek, obtained by Richard. Dec. 12, 1787. Jesse Porter, Test.  
  Page 69—MAYNOR, JOHN, to Peleg Rogers, 200 acres and one acre on the south end of the old mill dam on the north side of little Briar creek,  

Page 276

  for $5.00 and one cow and calf. May 1, 1787. Aaron Benton, Philip and Jesse Pittman, Test.  
  Page 85—McINTOSH, WILLIAM, Jr., of Chatham Co., to Dionysius Oliver of Wilkes Co., 100 acres on south side of Broad river near its confluence with Savannah river, adj. Robt. Middleton and Samuel Scott, the confiscated land of Thos. Waters. Aug. 18,1787. W. F. Booker, James Jones, Test.  
  Page 92—McDONALD, HUGH, to John Webster, 950 acres on Falling creek, and Lot No. 6 in Washington. May 10, 1787. Thos. Houston. Aron Gess, Test.  
  Page 159—McDONALD, HUGH and wife Helen to Moses Hunt, 200 acres on Rocky branch of Coldwater creek, adj. Allegany McGuire. Oct. 1, 1787. John Teasley, James Hunt, Test.  
  Page 160—McDOWELL, THOMAS and wife Isbell "of Ga.", to John Graves of Wilkes Co., 300 acres adj. Wm. Rowe. June 30, 1786. James Stewart, Matthew Talbot, Sydnor Cosby, Test.  
  Page 163—MARBURY, LEONARD and wife Ann of Richmond Co., to John Hendley of Wilkes Co. lot No. 18 in Washington. Apr. 15, 1789.  
  Page 184—MOSELY, ROBERT and wife Sarah, to Henry Mosely, 200 acres orig. grant 1787 to said Robert. Aug. 18, 1788. Jeremiah Walker, J. P.  
  Page 191—MOOR, JOSEPH and wife Agnes, to Nehemiah Howard, 400 acres on Savannah river, beginning at the mouth of Lightwood Log creek. Aug. 9, 1787. James Little, James Tait, J. P., Test.  
  Page 207—McGARREY, EDWARD and wife Margret to Wm. McCune, 200 acres on Savannah river orig. grant to said Edward. July 11, 1787.  
  Page 222—MARTIN, DAVID and wife Aley, to Thos. White 200 acres on middle fork of Falling creek. Mar. 24, 1789. Samuel Sewall, Elizabeth and Mary Hastings Marks, Test.  
  Page 227—MOUNGER, HENRY and wife Elizabeth to Michael Whatley 250 acres having such shape etc. according to orig. grant to said Henry. June 1, 1789.  
  Page 106—NEWSOM, SOLOMON, to Absolom Johnson, Jr., certain cows, "black pided". Bill of sale. Aug. 8, 1788. Samuel Beckham, Test.  
  Page 114—NUNNELEE, WM. WOMACK, to Walter Nunnelee 400 acres on Beaverdam creek for L5 orig. grant 1785 to Byrd Braswell. Dec. 12, 1787. Chas. Cosby, Wm. H. Tait, Test.  
  Page 156—NUNNELEE, WM. WOMACK and wife Ann, to Wm. Hatcher  

Page 277

  and wife Ann 127 acres on Jarvis creek. Apr. 19, 1788. A. Colson, Thos. Burton, Test.  
  Page 123—OLIVER, DIONYSIUS and wife Mary Ann to Edward White, ten lots in Petersburg, No. 39 on east side of Front St., Nos. 45, 47, 51, 53, 55. & 79 on east side of 2nd St., Nos. 42, 60, & 62 on west side of 2nd St., half acre each. May 23, 1786.  
  Page 183—OLIVER, DIONYSIUS to John Oliver, one ferry of two acres in the fork of Savannah and Broad rivers adj. each river including the ferry landing and all rights thereto. Dec. 1, 1787.  
  Page 64—POPE, JOHN of Wilkes Co. to John Abernethie of Wake Co. N. C., bond for title to 1235 acres in Franklin Co. Ga. on south side of Appalatchee river, both sides of Hardlabour creek adj. lands of John Freeman and Jesse Gordon. Feb. 7, 1786.  
  Page 88—POLLARD, WILLIAM and wife Alecy to Harwood Gibbs 294 acres on Kettle creek orig. grants to said Wm. Pollard and to Tabitha Thompson. Mar. 10, 1787. Nathaniel and Hawkins Bulloch, John Lindsey, J. P., Test.  
  Page 140—POLLARD, WILLIAM and wife Alecy to Alex. Gordon 350 acres on Kettle creek orig. grant 1785 to said Pollard. Oct. 22, 1787. Richmond Terrell, Wm. Pollard, Test.  
  Page 148—POWELL, RICHARD to Samuel Cargo, both of Abbeville Co. S. C. 600 acres in Wilkes Co. adj. Richard Hewbank, Joseph Wilson and Benj. Knox, orig. grant 1788 to said Powell. Aug. 19, 1788. Wm. Huggins, Jr., James Gowdy (?), Test.  
  Page 170—POWELL, MOSES, Sr., to sons Moses, Jr., and Benjamin land on Ogeechee river, slaves goods and chattels, at the death of Moses, Sr. July 2, 1789. Cader Powell, Charity Harvey, Test.  
  Page 22—RAGAN, JONATHON and wife Ann to Richard Melear 125 acres on Beaverdam and Kettle creeks. Oct. 29, 1787. Jacob Early, J. P.  
  Page 28—RAMSEY, RANDOL, to Frederick Williams 350 acres on Little river, "to me conveyed Dec. 1, 1784". Oct. 12, 1786. James McCammon, Elizabeth Williams, Test.  
  Page 73—RETHERFORD, SAMUEL, to wife Rebecca one half of all house-hold goods for life. If she dies first, to dispose of half by will, if he dies first all to be divided. Jan. 25, 1788. Oliver Matthews, John Dameron, Test.  
  Page 79—RIESER,ISRAEL and wife Hannan and Christopher Gugel and wife Mary of Chatham Co., to James Stringer of Wilkes Co., orig. grant to Joseph Subtrine 1784, adj. Nicholas Subtrine, inherited by  

Page 278

  said Hannah Rieser and Mary Gugle as daus. of said Joseph Subtrine. Aug. 12, 1787. Joseph Welsher, N. P., David Gugel, Test.  
  Page 84—RAGGAN, JONATHAN and wife Ann to Abraham Hill 700 acres on Long creek according to orig. grant 1784 to said Raggan. Mar. 7, 1788. Burwell Pope, Test.  
  Page 90—RAGLAND, EVAN and wife Milly to James Bell land on both sides of Falling creek orig. grant 1784 to said Evan. Nov. 19, 1787. Pettus Ragland, Barnabas Pace, Test.  
  Page 179—REDDICK, ABRAHAM and wife Hannah of Greene Co., to Robt. Flournoy, "surveyor of said State", 300 acres on Clowers branch waters of Ogeechee, known by the name of Reddick's Old Place including Thos. Bush's improvements where he now lives, orig. grant 1786 to said Reddick. June 19, 1787. John Greer, Joseph Hamrick, Joanna Taylor, Test.  
  Page 181—REDDICK, ABRAHAM and wife Hannah of Greene Co., to Robert Wynne, of Greene Co., surveyor 400 acres including Brown's old place. June 19, 1787. Same test as above.  
  Page 187—RHENY, WILLIAM and wife Sarah of Burke Co., to Wm. Greaves of said State, 300 acres on Wills creek and Savannah river, orig. grant. Mar. 3, 1788. John Morrison, J. P., Nathaniel Hood, Test.  
  Page 2—SHARP, ISHAM, to Joseph More 300 acres on Vanns creek. Oct. 25, 1785. Edwd. McGarry, James Little, Test.  
  Page 32—SIMS, FREDERICK of Wilkes Co., power of attorney to Drury Stith, Esqr. of Brunswick Co. Va. to sell 543 acres on Meherrin river in said county to Wm. Edwd. Broadnax. Mar. 14, 1788.  
  Page 37—STITH, WILLIAM, Jr., Atty. at Law of Augusta to Thos. Peter Carnes, Atty. at Law of Franklin Co. Ga., Lot No. 42 in the town of Washington. Apr. 20, 1787. John Stith, Peyton R. Stith, Test.  
  Page 68—SCARLETT, JAMES to Anthony Garrard, 200 acres on Little river. Feb. 16, 1787. John Garrard, Stephen Scarlett, Test.  
  Page 77—SMITH, HANNAH, wid. of Richmond Co., to Wm. Scott planter of N. C., land on Childre's creek and on the line between Richmond and Wilkes counties, orig. grant 1785 to said Hannah. Dec. 14, 1785. John Scott, Jemima Torrence, Test.  
  Page 93—SMITH, CHARLES and wife Ann relinquish their claim to a certain part of a grant claimed by Wm. Foster, who sold the land to Joel Terrell. Feb. 5, 1788.  
  Page 3—THOMPSON, RICHARD, to John Ross, both of Amherst Co. Va., cattle, horses, household goods, etc. Bill of sale. Jan. 29, 1787. Richard Gilbert, Joshua Doss, Test.  

Page 279

  Page 6—TERRELL, WILL and wife Frances and Isham Richardson and wife Mary, to Thos. Terrell 300 acres on Beaverdam creek, orig. grant 1785 to John Autry. Nov. 5, 1787. David Terrell, Spencer Branham, Test.  
  Page 11—TENNILLE, FRANCIS of Washington Co., to Isaac Briggs of Chatham Co., gent. 350 acres in Wilkes Co. Aug. 7, 1787.  
  Page 82—TRIMBLE, MOSES to John Tollett, 100 acres on North Fork of Beaverdam creek, orig. grant 1785 to said Trimble. May 15, 1787. Robt. Pulham, Test.  
  Page 83—TERRELL, WILLIAM and wife Frances to John Bolten land on Fishing creek. Mar. 12, 1787.  
  Page 135—THOMPSON, WILLIAM, Jr. and wife Henrietta to Wm. Glover, 180 acres on Falling creek. July 17, 1788. James Williams, James Williams, Jr., Meridy Brown, Test.  
  Page 161—TALBOT, JOHN and wife Phebe to Evan Long, 300 acres on Uptons creek. Mar. 30, 1789. Thos. and Matthew Talbot, Test.  
  Page 171—TRIPLETT, WILLIAM and wife Mary to Thos. Murray, 50 acres on Little river. Mar. 2, 1789. Joseph Carson, Test.  
  Page 190—THOMAS, BENJAMIN, to Geo. Reed 200 acres orig. grant 1785 to said Benj. Oct. 26, 1787. John Cochran, Benj. Stringfellow, Test.  
  Page 218—TORRENCE, JOHN of Wilkes Co., to Neil Doherty of Richmond Co., 450 acres orig. grant 1788 to said John. Mar. 30, 1789. James Johnson, Becham May, Test.  
  Page 219—TINDELL, JOHN and wife Mary to John Doherty, all of Richmond Co., 200 acres on Holly creek for œ10. Nov. 10, 1787. Neil Doherty, Joshua Cobb, Test.  
  Page 58—VENABLE, ABRAHAM, bond to Benj. Catching to sell to Benj. Welch land on Fishing creek bought of John Robinson. Sept. 4, 1787. Daniel Price, Joshua Sanders, Test.  
  Page 17—WILLIAMSON, MICAJAH to Thos. Goodwin, bond for title to 400 acres on Fishing creek, Absolom Jackson, Security. Jan. 23, 1788. Herod Gibbs, Test.  
  Page 24—WOODS, MIDDLETON, to Joseph Nail land on Pickens creek. Dec. 16, 1786. Wm. Hudson Tate, Test.  
  Page 31—WILLIAMSON, MICAJAH and wife Sally to Wm. Terrell 600 acres on Little river. Aug. 30, 1786. Wm. Stubblefield, Richard Worsham, Test.  
  Page 41—WILLIAMSON, MICAJAH and wife Sally to Chas. Williamson  

Page 280

  300 acres on Fishing creek. Jan. 4, 1788. J. Stewart, Rt. Jackson, F. Sims, Test.  
  Page 42—WELCH, BENJAMIN and wife Grace to Francis Gartrell, 400 acres on Uptons and Kemps creeks, orig. grant 1787 to said Benj. July 26, 1787. Jean French, Test.  
  Page 57—WALKER, SANDERS and wife Sarah to Nathaniel Durkee, Jr., 150 acres on Fishing creek orig. grant 1784 to said Walker. Jan. 26, 1788.  
  Page 65—WADE, NEHEMIAH and wife Elizabeth of Augusta to Samuel Billingslea, 350 acres bounded on all sides vacant when surveyed. Dec. 10, 1787. Peter Pucket, John Leverett, Thos. Tucker, Test.  
  Page 70—WILSON, WILLIAM, to Geo. Hall 150 acres on Sherrill's creek. Sept. 11, 1787.  
  Page 87—WELBOURN, THOMAS and wife Dorcas to Drury Stovall 300 acres on Clarks creek, orig. grant 1787 to said Thos. Mar. 21, 1788.  
  Page 98—WILLIAMSON, MICAJAH, Geo. Matthews, Stephen Heard, Robt. Harper and John King, Commissioners under act of Assembly July 31, 1783 passed at Augusta, to lay out the land purchased of Mr. Sanders Walker in Wilkes Co., into a town called Washington, to sell the lots etc., and whereas they exposed them for public sale Nov. 7, 1786, Chas. McDonald of Charleston bought Lot No. 31. Florence Sullivan, Absolom Jackson, Test.  
  Page 105—WHITE, JOHN and wife Jean of Greene Co., to Job Callaway of Wilkes Co., 200 acres on Long creek, orig. grant 1786 to said John. Dec. 15, 1787. John Harvey, Robt. Wilson, Test.  
  Page 108—WILLIAMS, FREDERICK and wife Ellener to Joel Hurt, 300 acres on Little river. June 7, 1788.  
  Page 109—WILLIAMS, FREDERICK and wife Ellener to John Starkey, 200 acres on Little river. June 7, 1788.  
  Page 110—WEBSTER, JOHN, to John B. Ruston, Lot No. 6 in Washington where Wm. Poe or Pace keeps store. Sept. 18, 1788. Wm. Elder, Peter Terrell, Test.  
  Page 121—WADSWORTH, JAMES, to Philip Logan 200 acres on Long creek. Dec. 27, 1785. John and Joshua Hill, Geo. Bruer, Test.  
  Page 123—WOOLDRIDGE, GIBSON and wife Lucy to Thos. Murray, ——- acres on Soap creek orig. grant 1785 to Geo. Bruer. Dec. 31, 1787. David Hudspeth, David Murray, James Bibb, Test.  
  Page 125—WHITE, JOHN and wife Jean of Greene Co., to Joseph Callaway  

Page 281

  of Wilkes Co., 150 acres adj. Job Callaway, orig. grant 1785 to Moses White. Dec. 15, 1787. John Harvey, Robt. Wilson, Test.  
  Page 126—WHATLEY, MICHAEL and wife Hannah to Jesse Boon, 400 acres described in orig. grant 1786 to said Michael. Jan. 17, 1787. Chas. Sewall, Test.  
  Page 127—WILLIAMSON, MICAJAH and wife Sally to Geo. Lumpkin 200 acres on Long creek known as "Mulberry Grove". Sept. 5, 1786. Susannah Gilliam, Bedford Brown, John Lumpkin, J. P., Test.  
  Page 130—WILLIAMS, GEORGE & DANIEL, to Joseph Henderson, bond for title for 400 acres surveyed for Moses Hay, whereon John Henderson now lives. June 3, 1788. Wm. Morgan, J. P.  
  Page 161—WILLIAMSON, CHARLES and wife Polly to Peter Stubblefield 300 acres on the Ridge. June 15, 1789.  
  Page 164—WILLIAMSON, MICAJAH and wife Sally to Wm. Williamson 400 acres orig. grant 1784 to said Micajah. Sept. 5, 1787. Susannah Gilliam, M. Williamson, Jr., Test.  
  Page 197—WINGFIELD, JOHN, asks that Garland Wingfield be appointed guardian of John, Chas., and Stephen Pettice, sons of Stephen Pettice, dec'd. late of Hanover Co. Va. Mar. Term 1789.  
  Page 202—WILLIAMS, SILAS and wife Lucy to Thos. Nelms 200 acres on north side of Little river. Jan. 19, 1788. Ephriam Price, Thomas Nelms, Test.  
  Page 205—WILLIAMS, ISAAC, carpenter to Samuel Davis, planter, a part of a 500 acre tract orig. grant 1785 to the heirs of Abraham Ayers in Washington Co. Aug. 17, 1781. Wm. West, Virlinda Williams, Test.  
  Page 206—WALLER, SAMUEL of Washington Co., to Wm. Greer of Greene Co. 250 acres in Wilkes Co. on Ogeechee river. Nov. 13, 1786.  
  Page 209—WHATLEY, RICHARD of Wilkes Co., to Benj. Few of Richmond Co. 750 acres on Middle creek where said Whatley now lives. Mar. 2, 1787.  
  Page 216—WALKER, SANDERS and wife Mary to Henry Mounger, 340 acres at the head of Fishing creek. Oct. 31, 1787. John Coleman, Test.  
  Page 222—WHITE, THOMAS and wife Sally to Samuel Sewel, 200 acres on middle fork of Falling creek. Aug. 31, 1789. Thos. B. Scott, J. P.  
  Page 14—YARBROUGH, ARCHIBALD and wife Ann to Sanders Walker, 50 acres on Fishing creek. Jan. 30, 1788. Jencey and Archd. Yarbrough, Jr., Jacob McClendon, Test.  

Page 282

  Page 59—YOUNG, WILLIAM and wife Bashaba to Abraham Zubar, both of ——— Co., all of rig. grant 1786 to said YOung. Aug. 25, 1787. Alex. Brown, Test.  

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