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Early Records of Georgia

Volume 1, Wilkes County

abstracted and compiled by Grace Gillam Davidson,

published in 1933 at Macon, GA

 Submitted by Christina Palmer

Thank you to Donna & CJ Crawford & Jennifer Reddish for your transcription assistance.


Deed Book "E E", 1788-1790

  Page 1—WILKINS, JOHN and wife Ann, to Nathan Jones 450 acres on Falling creek part of 500 acre tract. Oct. 11, 1788. James Bell, Jesse Jones, Test.  
  Page 2—JONES, JOHN and wife Elizabeth, to Jesse Jones 200 acres on Falling creek. Mar. 20, 1789.  
  Page 3—PORTER, BENJAMIN and wife Patsy C., of Richmond Co., to Benj. Catching of Wilkes Co., 100 acres on Little river known as Candler's Bend. Jan. 10, 1789.  
  Page 5—SMITH, FRANCIS to Samuel Smith 100 acres on Rocky creek, orig. grant 1784 to said Samuel. Sept. 18, 1786. Thos. Hubbard, Alex. Smith, Henry Ware, J. P., Test.  
  Page 7—BURK, CHARLES to Joseph Jackson 450 acres adj. David Sherril, Absolom Bedell and Ornan Whatley. Mar. 13, 1787. Elizabeth Burk, Nathaniel Christmas, Test.  
  Page 8—WHATLEY, MICHAEL and wife Hannah to Harrison Musgrove, 200 acres according to grant 1785 to said Michael. Mar. 28, 1789. Joseph Williams, Jarvis Brook, David Lockhart, Test.  
  Page 10—HILL, ISAAC, Sr., to Curtis Wilborn, 400 acres now in possession of said Wilborn. Jan. 16, 1789. Richard Woodroof, Test.  
  Page 12—MOODY, JOHN of Lunenburg Co. Va., power of attorney to Peter Tatum of Wilkes Co., to receive all land or lands in Ga. he may have by grants, bonds etc. Nov. 16, 1785. Howell Tatum, Wyatt and John Williams, Test.  
  Page 12—CALL, RICHARD and wife Alethea Anderson of Galphinton, Washington Co., to Thos. Gordon, merchant of Va., 900 acres in Wilkes Co. according to a grant 1786 to said Call. Oct. 8, 1787. Robt. Montfort, Nathaniel Pendleton, Chas. Odingsells, J. P. of Chatham Co. Ga., Test.  
  Page 15—PINKSTON, JOHN and wife Mary to Benj. Brown land on Little river. Mar. 23, 1789. Meredith Price, Test.  
  Page 18—BARNETT, JOHN and wife Caroline to Benj. Davis 100 acres on Broad river. Dec. 29, 1788.  

Page 283

  Page 20—EDMONDS, JOHN to Isaac McClendon 366 acres on Newford creek. Sept. 19, 1787. John Burks, Test.  
  Page 21—BURKS, JOHN to Isaac McClendon 100 acres on Newford creek. Sept. 19, 1787. Rowland Burks, Test.  
  Page 22—MOSSLEY, THOMAS of St. Pauls Parish, Ga., planter to John Golden Sr. of Wilkes Co. 50 acres on Great Soap creek. May 6, 1789. Richard and Wm. Golden, John Williams, Test.  
  Page 25—WARD, BRYAN to Wm. Reynolds Lot No. 37 east side of Front St. in Petersburg. Feb. 5, 1788.  
  Page 25—OLIVER, DIONYSIUS and wife Mary Ann to Wm. Reynolds Lot No. 28 west side Front St. in Petersburg. Mar. 23, 1788. Thos. Oliver, Chas. Tayler, Test.  
  Page 26—SMITH, PETER to Geo. Varner 100 acres part of a 500 acre grant 1784 to said Peter. Nov. 13, 1788. John Holmes, Sampson Harris, J. P., Test.  
  Page 27—THOMAS, ETHELDRED to John Johnson, 250 acres on both sides of Sandy creek in Greene Co. May 17, 1788. Royal Nelms, William Worrel, Test.  
  Page 29—CARGILE, JOHN, Jr., of Wilkes Co. to John Oliver and Benj. Glover of Abbeville Co. S. C. 1000 acres on south side of Brush creek and Broad river, orig. grant to said Oliver and Glover. Mar. 19, 1788. Wm. Moore, Wm. Brown, Wm. Moon, Test.  
  Page 30—BIRD, MARK to Stanley Crews bill of sale for slave Jack. Feb. 11, 1789. Buckner Harris, Peter Stubblefield, Test.  
  Page 31—SUTTON, JAMES and wife Cate to John Brazzelle 200 acres on a branch of Falling creek. Nov. 1, 1787.  
  Page 34—RAGANS, JONATHAN and wife Ann of Wilkes Co. to Samuel Crockett of Bedford Co. Va. 200 acres on Beaverdam creek and Little river. Oct. 29, 1787.  
  Page 35—WINGFIELD, THOMAS and wife Elizabeth to John Grimes 16 acres adj. the town of Washington. May 11, 1787.  
  Page 37—WORSHAM, RICHARD and wife Mary to Peter Bond of the town of Washington 1000 acres orig, grant 1787 to said Richard. Mar. 12, 1789. James B. Sharpe, Test.  
  Page 38—COX, ZACHARIAH to Peter Bond 1000 acres in Franklin Co. Jan. 15, 1789. James Huling, Fielding Rucker, Test.  
  Page 41—STRINGER, JAMES to Israel Reiser and Christopher Gugle 400 acres in Wilkes Co. to settle a debt. Mar. 14, 1788. David Gugle, Test.  

Page 284

  Page 42—SHEPPERD, JOSEPH to Pettus Ragland, Lot No. 64 on west side of 2nd St., in the town of Petersburg. July 6, 1787. John Clark, Jr., Pollard Brown, Test.  
  Page 42—COLE, JOSIAH to John Colley, 1 3/4 acres on the commons of Washington. Apr. 3, 1788.  
  Page 44-48—WALTON, NEWELL, Atty. for Geo. Walton, "late of Wilkes Co". settlement with Wm. Greaves. Apr. 19, 1787.  
  Page 49—COLE, JOHN, Jr., to Wm. Mitchum 250 acres on Morris'es creek. Nov. 27, 1788. Wm. Casey, Randall Pierce, Test.  
  Page 51—ASHWORTH, BENJAMIN and wife Sarah to Peter Hoff 200 acres described in a grant 1787. Mar. 7, 1788.  
  Page 53—BOUCHANAN, JOHN to Thos. Robertson, 200 acres on Hurricane Branch. July 28, 1788.  
  Page 54—COMMISSIONERS of Washington to John Appling of Wilkes Co. Lots 34 and 47. Aug. 27, 1785.  
  Page 55—LUMPKIN, GEORGE and wife Ann to Geo. Young 37 acres on Buffalo creek. June 28, 1788. Thos. Rutledge, Test.  
  Page 57—JACKSON, ABSOLOM to Chas. McDonald, merchant of Charleston 1700 acres in Franklin Co. June 22, 1788. Fortunatius Cosby, Wm. Boren, Test.  
  Page 60—LOVEL, WILLIAM to Robt. Chambers 200 acres on Cedar creek, orig. grant 1784 to said William. Aug. 3, 1785. Wm. W. Smith, Wm. Wheeler, Test.  
  Page 60—ROGERS, JOHN and wife Agnes to Robt. Chambers 150 acres. Jan. 3, 1787. Alex. McDougald, James Tate, John Sigman, Henry Parks, Test.  
  Page 61—TATE, JAMES to Robt. Chambers part of an island known as Collins Island. June 29, 1785. Nathan Allen, Wm. Moss, J. P., John R. Ragland, Test.  
  Page 63—WHITMAN, WILLIAM and wife Elizabeth to Drury Williams, 250 acres on Heards Mill creek. Aug. 10, 1788. M. Anthony, P. Moss, Jos. Blakey, Test.  
  Page 65—WHITMAN, WILLIAM and wife Elizabeth to Jos. Blakey remander of above tract. Aug. 13, 1788.  
  Page 67—WATKINS, WILLIAM and wife Susannah to Harry Culdwell Lot No. 1 on west side of Front St., Petersburg. May 26, 1786. Collin Reed, Test.  

Page 285

  Page 67—GRAHAM, JOHN and wife Leannah to Rowland Williams 350 acres on Kettle creek, according to a grant 1786 to Leannah Karr, now Leannah Graham, wife of said John. Dec. 30, 1788. Timothy Holtzclaw, Walton Harris, Test.  
  Page 68—BEDELL, ABSOLOM and wife Ruth to Peter Terrell 520 acres on north side of Little river, whereon Peter Terrell now lives. Apr. 9, 1788.  
  Page 70—TOD, JOHN and wife Mary to James Gray 150 acres. Mar. 7, 1788. Jos. Gray, Patrick and Jane Cunningham, Test.  
  Page 71—WOOTTEN, THOMAS to Jesse Willingham 300 acres on both sides of Millstone creek. Mar. 12, 1788. Tarpley Flynt, Test.  
  Page 71—AARON, WILLIAM to David Criswell 200 acres on —— creek. Feb. 10, 1789. Wm. Thornton, Test.  
  Page 73—MITCHELL, WILLIAM and wife Ruth to John Talbot 300 acres on Uptons creek. July 8, 1788. Absolom and Robt. Jackson, Jona. Webster, Test.  
  Page 74—WILSON, JOHN and wife Elizabeth to Jos. Catchings 300 acres on the fork of Kettle creek adj. Benj. Riden. Apr. 17, 1788.  
  Page 75—DUNCAN, JESSE of Pittsylvania Co. Va., to Robt. McRorie, bill of sale for slaves Dundee and Fanny. May 8, 1789. Polly, Nancy, and Henry Mounger, Test.  
  Page 76—HARRIS, MOSES and wife Elizabeth to Thos. Edson 200 acres on a branch of Fishing creek, orig. grant 1784 to Philip Combs. Dec. 11, 1788. Thos. Talbot, John and Shelton Edison or Eidson, Test.  
  Page 77—SUDDUTH, LAWRENCE to James Sudduth 200 acres on Fishing creek. May 10, 1788. Jesse and Betsy Norman, James Tole, Test.  
  Page 78—CLARK, CHRISTOPHER, Jr., to Benjamin Goss 345 acres in Franklin Co. July 8, 1788. James Marks, J. P.  
  Page 79—BLAKE, WILLIAM to Christopher Clark 100 acres on Falling creek adj. Peter Carrell. Nov. 29, 1787. Judith, Agatha and Mary Clark, Test.  
  Page 80—JONES, HUGH to Joel Phillips 4 acres on Little river. Jan. 12, 1789. John Bush, J. P., Samuel Harper, J. P., Test.  
  Page 81—BURT, NICHOLAS to Henry B. Gibson 200 acres according to a grant to said Burt. Jan. 4, 1786. Wm. Gilbert, Jos. Taylor, Test.  
  Page 82—SWANSON, WILLIAM and wife Mary to Gatewood Dunn 105 acres on North Fork of Little river. July 9, 1789.  

Page 286

  Page 83—HARRIS, MOSES and wife Elizabeth to Benj. Petee 100 acres adj. said Petee. Feb. 5, 1789.  
  Page 84—MORGAN, STOKELEY, son of Mary Morgan bound to John Colley, till 21, now 17 since last July, to learn the trade of brick layer. Sept. 6, 1788.  
  Page 85—CLARKE, ELIJAH and Hannah to John Clarke, Jr., 600 acres on Long creek. Feb. 17, 1789.  
  Page 86—MATTHEWS, GEORGE to Samuel and Ann Blackburn 260 acres on Broad river. Apr. 9, 1789.  
  Page 87—JACK, JAMES and wife Peggy of Wilkes Co., to Abraham Simons of Spottsylvania Co. Va., 300 acres adj. Benj. Webster and Thos. Carson orig. grant 1787. Feb. 13, 1789. Wm. Barnett, Test.  
  Page 89—VARNER, GEORGE and John Hendley, Sr. to Barnaba Dunn of Montgomery Co. N. C., bond for title to 200 acres in Washington Co. on Falling creek being part of a 400 acre tract to be divided by the creek. July 5, 1785. F. Sims, John Hendley, Test.  
  Page 90—MOBLEY, JOHN to Robt. Mitchell, dec'd, 200 acres on Falling creek, orig. grant to said Mobley. Mar. 11, 1788. Signed by John Mobley, Wm. Blake, John Wilkins, and Peter Carroll.  
  Page 91—WEBB, JESSE, to Nathan Barnett, bond for title to 200 acres on South Broad river. Dec. 6, 1783.  
  Page 92—SMITH, CHARLES, Sr. and wife Nancy to Wm. Langham 196 acres orig. grant to said Smith. Jan. 27, 1789. John Langham, Lewis Barrett, Test.  
  Page 93—BAKER, BENJAMIN and wife Comfort to Micajah Clark 200 acres on Goosepond creek. Aug. 1, 1788. Jasper Smith, David Clark, Test.  
  Page 95—McGARY, ROBERT, to Benj. Blake and Henry Augustine Pope 575 acres on Middle Fork of Big creek in Greene formerly Washington Co. Oct. 12, 1787. Robt. Willis, Test.  
  Page 96—PACE, SILAS, bill of sale to Solomon Newsom, Jr. for a slave Fillis. Mar. 26, 1777. Solomon Newsom, Sr., Hezehiah Bussey, Test. Proved before Hugh Rees, J. P. in Wilkes Co. Apr. 14, 1789.  
  Page 97—ROBERTSON, JOSEPH of 96 Dist., S. C. to Solomon Newsom of Wilkes Co. Ga., my wife's part of a slave Fillis. Apr. 27, 1784. Michael Dickson, Samuel Cook, Test.  
  Page 97—MILLIGAN, ISAAC and wife Searah to James Todd, 200 acres on Long creek orig. grant 1784 to said Isaac. Mar. 24, 1789. Moses Milligan, Francis Moore, Test.  

Page 287

  Page 99—PHILLIPS, WILLIAM to Joseph Phillips both of Greene Co. 200 acres in Wilkes Co., Dec. 4, 1787.  
  Page 101—LINDSACUM, HEZEKIAH to Wm. West both of Wilkes Co., 120 acres on Ogeechee orig. grant 1784 to said Hezekiah. Oct. 27, 1788. Benj. Moore, Wm. Smith, Test.  
  Page 102—HUNTER, SAMUEL to dau. Elizabeth Hunter a slave Fanny six years old. Deed of gift. Feb. 19, 1789. John Cane, Wm. Smith, Test.  
  Page 103—HUNTER, SAMUEL to son Alex. Hunter a slave Cinda four years old. Deed of gift. Feb. 19, 1789.  
  Page 104—McCRORY, ROBERT of Wilkes Co., to Jesse Duncan of Pittsylvania Co. Va., 530 acres on Little river. May 5, 1789. Polly, Nancy and Henry Mounger, Test.  
  Page 105—CLAY, JESSE to Henry Garrett 107 acres on Little River. Mar. 19, 1789. B. W. Fitzpatrick, John Thomason, Test.  
  Page 106—HIGGINBOTHAM, JOSEPH and wife Jane of Richmond Co., to Hammon Wilkerson of Wilkes Co., 150 acres on Rocky Comfort creek orig. grant 1787 to said Joseph. Oct. 14, 1788. Wm. Lyn, John Leath, Jacob Higginbotham, James McCormick, J. P., Test.  
  Page 108—KELLEY, BARNARD of Wilkes Co., to Nicholas Johnson of Va., 90 acres on north fork of Clouds creek. ——-, 1789. David Ward, Samuel Gardner, Test.  
  Page 110—TATE, JAMES and wife Rebecah of Wilkes Co. to Nicholas Johnson of Va., land on a branch of Clouds creek. Sept. 10, 1789. Samuel Gardner, Thos. N. Gilmore, Test.  
  Page 113—EVANS, WILLIAM and wife Tabitha to John Ray 60 acres on Savannah river, part of orig. grant 1785 to said Evans. Dec. 13, 1788. Wm. Foster, Benj. Thompson, Jacob Autry, Test.  
  Page 119—CALL, RICHARD and wife Alethia Anderson to Thos. Moore, all of Richmond Co., 500 acres on Sherrills creek, Wilkes Co. Dec. 16, 1786. W. F. Booker, John Cobb, J. P., Wm. Morton, Sr., Test.  
  Page 120—EARLY, JEFFERY, and wife Sarah to John Golson 25 acres on Kettle creek. Mar. 9, 1788. Jos. Cristler, Jacob Earley, Test.  
  Page 122—DIVINES, JOHN, soldier in the 1st Ga. State Rgt. commanded by Col. John Clark, power of attorney to Seth Howard of Edgefield Co. S. C., to obtain bounty land for my said service. Feb. 9, 1790. Dyar Frazer, Wm. Ross, Test.  
  Page 122—HUNTER, SAMUEL to Alex. Hunter "for a certain sum", 200  

Page 288

  acres where I now live on the Savannah river. Apr. 17, 1789. John Cane, James Giles, Test.  
  Page 124—HUNTER, SAMUEL to Alex Hunter, slaves Rose and Bob. Apr. 17, 1789.  
  Page 127—WALKER, SANDERS and wife Sarah to Robt. Middleton "of Ga." 1100 acres on Beaverdam and Shoulderbone creeks, described in a grant 1784 to said Walker. June 20, 1785. John Milner, Mary Thompson, Benj. Thompson, J. P., Test.  
  Page 128—CALL, RICHARD of Augusta to James Garrett of Greene Co., 500 acres on Sherrills creek of Little river. Jan. 24, 1788. John Marcus, Edwd. Randolph, Test.  
  Page 131—APPLING, JOHN of Richmond Co., to Chas. McDonald, merchant of Charleston Lot No. 34 in Washington. Feb. 6, 1790.  
  Page 134—COX, ZACHARIAH, Thos. Gilbert and John Strother, all of Wilkes Co., form themselves into a board called the Tennessee Co., the purchase estimated to be 750,000 acres lying north of the great Tenn. river. Feb. 15, 1790. J. Webster, Barrett Brewer, Frederick Sims, Test.  
  Page 135—GAINS, DANIEL, power of atty. to Zachariah Cox to dispose of two subdivisions of land in the purchase made of the State of Ga. Mar. 4, 1790.  
  Page 136—HEARD, STEPHEN, Wm. Downs, Henry Candler, John Gardner, Daniel Gaines, Middleton Woods, Wm. Cox and Thos. Carr as associates of the Tenn. Co. bond to above proprietors for four million Spanish milled dollars, so as to dispose of their holdings. Jan. 13, 1790.  
  Page 137—EAGER, HUGH and wife Elizabeth to David Weaver 250 acres on Millstone creek. May 2, 1789. Wm. Ray, Wm. Breedbary, Test.  
  Page 139—ELAM, MARTIN of Wilkes Co., power of atty. to friend Francis Barnes of Charlotte Co. Va., to sell 501 acres on the Great Bluestone and Runnal's creeks in Charlotte Co., being part of the tract Wm. Elam lived on, and deeded by him to me, adj. Almon and Edward Elam's lands. Apr. 28, 1790. John and Frederick Sims, Test.  
  Page 143—McKLEROY, ISAAC and wife Sarah to Mark Phillips 200 acres on Golden Grove creek orig. grant 1785 to said Isaac. Apr. 9, 1789. Benj. Blake, Curtice Welborn, Test.  
  Page 152—CLOUD, JEREMIAH and wife Sarah to Robt. Singleton 200 acres on Newford creek. May 10, 1787. Wm. Layson, John Cloud, Test.  

Page 289

  Page 147—PULLIAM, WILLIAM and wife Sarah to John Gorham 450 acres on south fork of Vann's creek orig. grant 1785 to said Pulliam. Dec. 25, 1787. Duncan Campbell, Pheby Gilbert, Test.  
  Page 156—ARMOR, ANDREW to Richard Watts 200 acres on Little river. Jan. 7, 1788.  
  Page 149—HEARD, STEPHEN to John Smith, all claim to two slaves Aaron and Patt, left by John Wilkinson, Sr., dec'd. to be divided between my wife and her sister. Nov. 25, 1789. Jesse Heard, Ebenezer Smith, Test.  
  Page 149—BEAVERS, DANIEL to John Smith all claim to slave as above for his wife. Jesse Heard, Massa Thomas, Test.  
  Page 150—COX, ZACHARIAH to Wm. Mason 100 acres on Walnut fork of Oconee river in Franklin Co. May 12, 1788. Robt. Smith, A. Lipham, Test.  
  Page 151—WELBORN, EDWARD, Sr. and wife Martha to Thos. Welborn 95 acres on Clarks creek for a certain blue roan mare. Aug. 23, 1785. John Culpepper, Ephriam Welborn, Test.  
  Page 153—WELBORN, EDWARD, Sr. and wife Martha to Thos. Welborn, one year lease to above land for five shillings orig. grant 1784 to said Edward.  
  Page 155—COOK, JOHN, planter to Joseph Davis, blacksmith, 200 acres on Rocky Comfort creek orig. grant to said Cook Nov. 20, 1777, by virtue of a precept from Thos. Chisolm then Surveyor Gen'l. Jan. 10, 1788. John Gay, John and Jemima Torrence, Test.  
  Page 159—HARRINGTON, JOHN, gent of Franklin Co. to Travers McClendon of Wilkes Co., 287 1/2 acres in Washington Co. on Oconee river. Oct. 10, 1787. Anthony Seal, Sr., Edward Jones, J. P., Test.  
  Page 161—KELLEY, WILLIAM to Jacob Dennis, one acre on Ogeechee river. Apr. 30, 1789. John Jones, Elizabeth Comens (Cummins?), Test.  
  Page 162—BURKS, JOHN to Elijah Walker 134 acres on Newford creek. Mar. 26, 1788. W. Pullen, James Mozley, Test.  
  Page 163—OWENS, JOHN of Edgefield Co. S. C., to Spencer Crane of Ga., 200 acres on Indian creek. Feb. 20, 1787. T. McCall, Chesley Bostick, Jr., Test.  
  Page 165—COLEMAN, JOHN and wife Polley to Wylie Pope 287 1/2 acres on Big creek in Greene Co. June 21, 1786.  
  Page 167—MOSES, ROBERT, planter, to John Moses 200 acres on Beaverdam creek orig. granted said Robert 1785, but fraudulently obtained  

Page 290

  by Hezekiah Bussey, whose claim Robert purchased. May 24, 1788. Philip. Gibbs, Test.  
  Page 169—DAVIS, SAMUEL and wife Jane to Stephen Gafford 200 acres on Little river. Jan. 2, 1788. John Pinkston, John Black, Benjamin Thompson, Test.  
  Page 170—RAY, JOHN and wife Mary to Felix Gilbert, of Va. 400 acres on Uptons creek. Oct. 17, 1786. James Lane, Stephen Clement, Test.  
  Page 171—GOOLSBY, JOSIAH and wife Mary to William Hitchcock. (Page torn).  

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