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Early Records of Georgia

Volume 1, Wilkes County

abstracted and compiled by Grace Gillam Davidson,

published in 1933 at Macon, GA

 Submitted by Christina Palmer

Thank you to Donna & CJ Crawford & Jennifer Reddish for your transcription assistance.


Deed Book "F F",——1788


  Page 1—POLLARD, WILLIAM and wife Alcy to Nathaniel Bullock 350 acres on both sides of Little and Big Kettle creek, adj. said Bullock, orig. grant 1785 to said Pollard. July 31, 1788. Thos. Dudss Pollard, John Gordon, Test.  
  Page 2—RYLEY, JOSEPH, and wife Elizabeth to Joseph Breed 287 1/2 acres in Greene Co. formerly Washington lying on Eiland creek, orig. grant 1785, plat annexed. Jan. 24, 1788. James Bishop, Daniel Chambers, Moses Hubbard, J. P., Test.  
  Page 4—CRAIN, SPENCER and wife Elizabeth to Benj. Stovall 200 acres adj. Noamy Holloway and others, orig. grant 1783 to said Crain. Apr. 8, 1788. Hugh Ector, Wm. Bailey, Test.  
  Page 5—WHATLEY, ORNAN and wife Judah to Chas. Sewell 90 acres on north fork of Little river. June, 1787.  
  Page 7—LUMPKIN, GEORGE and wife Ann to Nehemiah Howard 500 acres orig. grant from Edward Telfair. Aug. 9, 1787. James Little, Isbel Little, Test.  
  Page 9—JONES, THOMAS and wife Sarah to Jos. McMath 200 acres on Brier creek. Nov. 9, 1788. John Sallis, Robt. Lossiter, Hugh Rees, J. P., Test.  
  Page 11—McMATH, JOSEPH and wife Elizabeth to Thos. Jones, planter 50 acres on Brier creek. Nov. 9, 1788.  
  Page 13—BURKHALTER, MICHAEL and wife Margret to Joseph McMath 100 acres on Brier creek according to a grant 1784 to said Michael. Mar. 6, 1788. Nathaniel Renfroe, Clabern Newsom, Test.  
  Page 16—SMITH, ARTHUR to Joel McClendon 100 acres on both sides of Fishing creek orig. grant 1787 to said Smith. Feb. 23, 1788. John O'Neal, S. Kirk, Test.  

Page 291

  Page 20—HARPER, SAMUEL and wife Ruth to James Gray 200 acres on Hardins creek orig. grant 1784 to Ruth Bonner. May 27, 1786. G. Little, Emanuel Chaneye, Mary Chaneye, Test.  
  Page 22—BOHANNON, DUNCAN and wife Elizabeth to John Davenport 214 acres on both sides of Millstone creek. Apr. 5, 1788.  
  Page 24—NUNNELLEE, WILLIAM WOMACK and wife Ann to Elizabeth Nunnellee 250 acres on both sides of McGarys creek. Apr. 10, 1788. Wm. Walker, A. Colson, Test.  
  Page 26—BIDDLE, ABSOLOM and wife Ruth to Thos. Wingfield 224 acres on south side of Little river orig. grant 1787 to said Biddle. Apr. 9, 1788. John Talbot, Andrew Burns, John Bush, J. P., Test.  
  Page 28—CARTER, JOSIAH and wife Mary to James Thweatt 195 acres on Ogeechee river orig. grant 1787 to said Josiah. July 5, 1788.  
  Page 30—BURKHALTER, MICHAEL and wife Margaret to Wm. Where 100 acres on south side of Briar creek orig. survey 1784. Mar. 4, 1788. Nathaniel Renfroe, Claborn Newsom, Test.  
  Page 32—RAMSEY, JOHN and wife Mary to Wm. Ramsey 250 acres on Little river. Feb. 8, 1785. Randel Ramsey, Sr., Randolph Ramsey, Jr., Test.  
  Page 34—CLAY, ABIA of Richmond Co., to Jesse Clay of Wilkes Co., 300 acres on Little river adj. said Jesse orig. grant 1785 to said Abia. Dec. 19, 1788. Joel Watkins Harvey, Wm. Wise, Test.  
  Page 36—CUPP, MICHAEL and wife Barbara to Tunstall Roan 150 acres adj. said Roan orig. grant 1785 to said Cupp. Oct. 24, 1785. Hugh Jones, Test.  
  Page 38—KARR, HENRY and wife Ann of Greene Co., to Archibald Simpson of Wilkes Co., 380 acres on Jones Spring branch. Nov. 6, 1787. Geo. Lea, Abrm. Barnett, Test.  
  Page 40—BISHOP, WILLIAM and wife Jane of Greene Co., to Joseph Breed of Wilkes Co., 150 acres on Middle creek orig. grant 1784 annexed. Dec. 28, 1787. Wm. Rabun, Jane Rabun, Test.  
  Page 42—KELLY, WILLIAM, Sr. and wife Katharine of Washington Co., to Samuel Camp of Wilkes Co., 500 acres on Long creek orig. grant 1785 annexed. Aug. 9, 1786. Thos. Neal, John Ledbetter, Test.  
  Page 44—TODD, JOHN and Arthur Smith to Joel McClendon 24 acres on Fishing creek adj. land on which James Gray lives. Mar. 12, 1788 S. Kirk, Benj. McClendon, Test.  
  Page 46—HEARD, THOMAS and wife Elizabeth to James Turner 300 acres. Feb. 18, 1788. Wm. Blank, Meshack Turner, Test.  

Page 292

  Page 48—RAMSEY, WILLIAM and wife Jemima to Henry and John Mitchell and James Thweatt 200 acres on Ogeechee river. Aug. 8, 1787. Thos. Mitchell, Roger Thornton, Wm. Cain, Test.  
  Page 51—KARR, HENRY and wife Ann of Greene Co., to Wm. Pollard of Wilkes Co. 300 acres on Kittle creek. Dec. 6, 1788. Geo. Clough, David Terrell, Test.  
  Page 53—WHATLEY, MICHAEL, Jr. planter to Daniel Culpepper 200 acres on Middle creek orig. grant 1784 to said Whatley. Mar. 29, 1788. Jesse Wright, Richard Fletcher, Test.  
  Page 57—PHILLIPS, JOEL and wife Elizabeth to Elexander Norris 175 acres on Little river, one boundary "above the old meeting house". Sept. 26, 1788. John and Wm. Nelson, Test.  
  Page 60—CALL, RICHARD of Richmond Co., to Holman Freeman of Wilkes Co., 400 acres on Golden Grove creek in Wilkes Co. orig. grant to said Freeman, 520 acres on Shoulderbone creek, Washington Co., orig. grant to Samuel Jack, and a tract of 575 acres orig. grant to Newell Walton, Washington Co. Aug. 3, 1785. Michael Witzell, Wm. Thompson, Test.  
  Page 62—BOHANNON, JOHN and wife Anne to Thos. Loyd 158 acres on Sills Fork of Little river. Aug. 23, 1787.  
  Page 63—STRINGER, JAMES and wife Altha to William Lea 400 acres orig. grant 1784 to Jos. Subtrine. July 17, 1788. Samuel Hart, John Karr, Test.  
  Page 65—MULLIGAN, WILLIAM and wife Anny, to Ann Dawson 34 acres on Fishing creek part of orig. grant 1785 to Wm. Lackey. Sept. 20, 1788. Hol Jarrett, James Dawson, Test.  
  Page 66—CALL, RICHARD of Richmond Co., to John Cunningham of "Said State" bill of sale for three slaves, Harry, Peter and Giff. Dated at Savannah Mar. 8, 1784. James Hamilton, J. P., Test.  
  Page 67—MOORE, EDWARD of Montgomery Co. N. C. to Richard Moore bill of sale for several slaves, horses, cattle, household goods, horse in the hands of Major Franklin. Mar. 8, 1783. Daniel Chandler, Ephraim Bradford, Presley Rucker, Test.  
  Page 68—HARRIS, WALTON and wife Rebaccah to Richard Moore 400 acres on both sides of Beaverdam creek including the plantation whereon said Moore lives. July 10, 1788. Augustin and Elizabeth Harris, Test.  
  Page 70—NUNNELLEE, WILLIAM WOMACK and wife Ann to Thos. Barton 250 acres on both sides of McGarys creek adj. Walter Nunnellee  

Page 293

  and others. Apr. 19, 1788. Wm. Hatcher, A. Colson, James Tait, J. P., Test.  
  Page 71—SHROPSHIRE, WILLIAM to Wm. Willson, hunter, 200 acres on Sherrels creek of Little river orig. grant 1786 to said Shropshire. Aug. 18, 1787.  
  Page 73—FOSTER, JOHN HARDIN and wife Patsy to Joseph Echols 630 acres on Beaverdam Fork of Long creek, orig. grant 1787 to said Foster. Feb. 19, 1787. Jos. Crockett, Jacob Early, J. P., Test.  
  Page 75—DARDIN, JOHN to Hendry Butt 400 acres on Holly creek of Broad river including the two shoals which might answer for a mill. Jan. 28, 1789. Chas. Finch, Josame Zoslene, Philip Guise, Test.  
  Page 76—WILLIAMSON, MICAJAH and wife Sarah of the town of Washington, to Robt. Forsyth of the town of Augusta, 400 acres on Soap creek orig. grant 1786 to said Micajah. May 16, 1787. Fred'k. Lipham, Ab. Hunter, Test.  
  Page 79—CARTER, THOMAS, to Nathaniel Allen, Richard Hunt, John Tollet, John Harkleford, Robt. Brown, Wm. Hanson and Peter Stubbs, Trustees of the Methodist Episcopal Church of Ga., for five shillings, all that lately erected house known by the name of Beaverdam Preaching House, with one acre of land, being part of the tract whereon said Thos. Carter now lives, with the privilege of the spring, provided they permit only such persons as are appointed by the Conference of the people called Methodist and no other, for the purpose of preaching and expounding God's Word, and that the said persons preach no other doctrine than is contained in Mr. Wesleys notes on the New Testament and his four volumes of sermons and the minutes of Conference. Mar. 17, 1788. Reuben Allen, John Cunningham, J. Ps, Test. (This was the second M. E. Church built in Ga., later Elbert Co., the first being Grant's Meeting House in what is still Wilkes Co.)  
  Page 80—HUGHES, THOMAS, planter, to Geo. Calhoon 140 acres, part of a grant of 300 acres 1784 to Calhoon on Clarks creek. Oct. 20, 1788. James McCammon, Wm. Lackey, Test.  
  Page 82—ANGLIN, DAVID and wife Sarah to Jacob Awtry 287 1/2 acres on Fishing creek, Washington Co., orig. grant 1785 to said David. June or July 29, 1789. Will Terrell, J. P.  
  Page 84—PHILLIPS, JOSEPH and wife Jean of Greene Co., to Edward Gresham of Wilkes Co., 200 acres in Wilkes Co. Jan. 10, 1789. Andrew and Phebe McBride, Test.  
  Page 86—KENDALL, JEREMIAH of Washington to John Wingfield, Jr., 70 acres on Fishing creek, orig. grant 1787 to said Kendall. Nov. 22, 1788. James Nelson, Jr., Bedford Brown, Test.  

Page 294

  Page 88—JOHNSON, WILLIAM and wife Martha to John Evans 150 acres on Clarks creek orig. grant 178- - to said William. Mar. 26, 1787. Wm. Miller, Arden Evans, Test.  
  Page 89—COMMISSIONERS of Confiscated Estates, Hugh Lawson, Abraham Ravot and Hepworth Carter, to Wm. Kelley, planter 300 acres on Ogeechee river, known as Crawford's Mill Place, with all improvements being part of the real estate of Edward Crawford. Nov. 7, 1783. Frederick Shick, John Talbot, A. J. P., Test.  
  Page 92—CLARKE, ELIJAH and wife Hannah to Joseph Callaway, Sr., 575 acres. (Torn) Mar. 13, 1788.  
  Page 93—GOOLSBE, JOSIAH and wife Mary to Wm. Hitcock 150 acres on Macks creek orig, grant 1784 to said Goolsbe. Date of Conveyance gone. Reg. Sept. 3, 1789. Jas. Shepperd, J. P.  
  Page 94—SMITH, JOHN of Franklin Co., to Thos. Rose 321 acres on Falling creek. Jan. 26, 1788. James Tate, J. P.  

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